Span Management Consulting SMC provides professional Bridging-the-Gap solutions in two main divisions: Engineering (SMC-Eng), and Education (SMC-Edu).

Most SMC-Eng clients are Engineering Consultants, Design Offices, Project Management Consultants, Construction Managers, Contractors, and Governmental  Departments involved with Buildings, Infrastructure, and Construction Projects. SMC-Eng is engaged with blanket agreements with a group of prominent Engineering Consultancy firms in Aub Dhabi providing continuous professional consultancies in various fields of business development, re-engineering, branding, upgrading, and internationalization of services.

Most SMC-Edu clients are primarily academic institutions such as universities, colleges, vocational and technical institutions, K-12 schools, and corporate human resources departments in the UAE and the wider GCC region.

Span Management Consulting SMC

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Provide innovative world-class bridging-the-gap management consultancies in all engineering-based businesses including construction projects, design management, arbitration, research, and higher education.

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Innovate and diversify Span MC services as a market leader for business development in the engineering and construction industry, and higher education investment.

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  • Care & Respect
  • Prudence & Persistence
  • Integrity & Team Work

Span M Consulting (SMC) is a general management consultancy firm, which was founded in 2014, with a single underlying ideology that professional consultancy practice must always be grounded in a fundamental purpose: bridging the professional gap, with a passion for perfection. SMC practice shall always be embedded and directed by that purpose.

We believe that the biggest is not what makes a consultancy firm the best. We do not measure a firm’s success by its size or the number of its employees. For us, SMC success stands upon the attributes of its people and the satisfaction of its clients. Indeed, it is the passion, commitment, loyalty, and integrity of our people that is the driving force behind the flourishing startup and continuing success. Shortly after its establishment, SMC clientele has grown to include a group of top firms in Abu Dhabi playing key roles in engineering design, construction management, and educational services.

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  • Organizational excellence
  • Regional and international growth
  • A business partner of choice Our Objectives
  • Diverse and innovative solutions
  • Strategic alliances and joint ventures
  • Maintain and grow a sustainable network
  • Stewardship of people and the environment
  • Span MC provides services to international academic and corporate organizations in establishing partnerships between UAE organizations and companies and the regional institutions, in strategic areas of operations. Span MC strength is in designing effective mentoring and retention plans for citizens of the UAE and the region – employed from entry-level to executive levels. Span MC provides an exceptional world-class network and alliances for institutions, educators, human resources and academic leaders of the UAE and the region. These alliances are chosen with specific requirements for each stakeholder.
  • We have significant experience in all aspects of higher education and related technologies globally and in this region. we provide unique consulting services to meet the emerging needs of the UAE and the GCC region. We have also enlisted several distinguished specialists from around the world to be on Span MC panel of consultants, available as mentors and specialist consultants on specific projects. In addition, the Span MC International advisory committee serves as the global board for setting strategic directions.
  • We don’t claim to possess all the knowledge you need in-house, but we can find it, no matter where it resides. Launching into a competitive field, we knew that our ability to excel would result from nothing else but the intelligence, determination and drive of our people. From Day 1, we focused on building a world-class firm that would provide the best Bridging the Gap customized services to our clients.

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