• Care & Respect
• Prudence & Persistence
• Integrity & Team Work
Span M Consulting (SMC) is a general management consultancy firm, which was founded in 2014, with a single underlying ideology that professional consultancy practice must always be grounded in a fundamental purpose: bridging the professional gap, with a passion for perfection. SMC practice shall always be embedded and directed by that purpose.
We believe that the biggest is not what makes a consultancy firm the best. We do not measure a firm’s success by its size or the number of its employees. For us, SMC success stands upon the attributes of its people and the satisfaction of its clients. Indeed, it is the passion, commitment, loyalty, and integrity of our people that is the driving force behind the flourishing startup and continuing success. Shortly after its establishment, SMC clientele has grown to include a group of top firms in Abu Dhabi playing key roles in engineering design, construction management, and educational services.